Present in Brazilian press since 1995, Leo Martins' caricatures transpose the obvious similarity with a careful subjective study on the physical and psychological individuality of the character, illustrated with graphic accuracy and aesthetic sophistication that serve as their background: his drawings recalling the elegant line of J. Carlos, Nássara, Luís Trimano e Cássio Loredano embellished pages and covers of several of the most prestigious publications in his country, but it was also the technical limitations imposed by two long collaboration with news websites that helped define the current stage of the synthesis of his style. Co-author of the column 'Sinais Particulares' on page 2 of the newspaper 'O Estado de S. Paulo' (on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays), he now divides his time between drawing and photography, two historically concurrent mediae that found their complementary importance in his artwork.
As much as it happens with the false economy shown in his caricatures of arts, sports, politics and media characters in general, Leo Martins brings into editorial photography the cleanliness, objectivity and subtleness that punctuate his whole production. His images are stripped of all unnecessary information in favor of what is essential to the precisely balanced visual and conceptual contents. While being a Rio de Janeiro-based freelancer whose repertoire includes food, travel and architecture, it does not come as a surprise that portraiture is what seduces him the most - it's where caricature and photography come closest and profit from the same vision and critic sense.